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We believe in providing value for money with great food and restaurants with character for people to meet, eat & chill!

YUM CHA (飲茶)

YUM CHA adopts a playful twist on Chinese cuisine, while maintaining traditional Chinese flavours. Dining at the restaurant is made memorable with a number of “camera eats first” moments that will arouse diners’ visual interest and appetite.

The culinary team emphasises the use of fresh, seasonal, and quality ingredients and only serves food with no added MSG.


URBAN PARK celebrates Joie de Vivre – the enjoyment of life and food.

While focused on experimenting with new ways of cooking, it aims to do so without disguise. Instead, the focus is on serving fresh and indulging delicacies that are bursting with flavours.

Created as a space to gather with friends, URBAN PARK offers a variety of sharing dishes that were designed to create more interaction among diners in the smart-phone age.


A modern Chinese restaurant, DNA serves traditional dim sum, noodles and Cantonese classics with contemporary presentation but authentic taste.

Served in a setting reminiscent of a 1970s Kung Fu academy, the restaurant extracts the “DNA” of traditional Hong Kong food, culture and history and puts it on display like never seen before.

DNA aims to redefine the classic Chinese dining experience by turning tradition on its head.

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